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Andrew Bowden: Man of Pondering and Action

Hello. I'm Andrew. I live in South West London with famous feminist, Catherine Redfern.

I grew up in Hyde, Greater Manchester, and went to the University of Durham to mess around on computers, work behind the bar and pretend to be entertaining on student radio, whilst trying to avoid my maths degree as much as possible. I moved to London in the autumn of 1999.

For many years I worked for the BBC, including seven years with the BBC Red Button team working on such exciting products as BBC iPlayer on Freesat, Freeview and BT Vision. But then we fell out as it wanted to go to Salford and I didn't.

I have shaked hands with Peter Ustinov, spoken to Mark and Lard, stood in awe as Nicholas Witchell, Gideon Coe, Phil Jupitus and George Allagiah all walked past me on different occasions, sat opposite Mark Thomas on the tube and supped a pint in a pub whilst Ralf Little stood outside chatting to someone. These are good things.

Some years ago comedian Sally Phillips was sat at the desk right next to me for 15 minutes although I didn't know until she'd gone... Bummer.

In my spare time, I mess around with websites, drink beer, read books, listen to the radio and watch a bit of TV. I'm also a Staff Editor at Transdiffusion - the UK's best site for broadcasting analysis and history. For a full list of articles I've written, see the articles pages.

In my student past, I even did some radio shows - find out more in Bods on the Wireless.


Everything is Bods and if you are wondering why, it's because it's my nickname which is derived from my surname.

Blame lies with one John Dunlop. At secondary school (West Hill, Stalybridge) he started calling me Bod. The reason for this is not really that clear, but could do with the fact that John's brother Pete had a friend called David Boden (well it might not have been David, but I don't care). Mr Boden was nicknamed Bod by all those that knew him.

Realising that David and my surnames sounded the same (although not spelt the same), in a fit of originality, Johnboy started calling me Bod.

Several years later and I move to sixth form college (Hyde Clarendon, Hyde). Been there a few days - its September 1994. Someone from school has met two women called Angie and Jo. He introduces them to the rest of our male dominated posse (we went to an all boys school). I'm introduced as Bod, but for some reason Angie (or was it Jo?) starts calling me Bods.

Whether she mishead, or just thought Bods sounded better, who knows. I don't. But it stuck, helped by the fact I used it as my pen name when writing in the college mag, Hydra. So everyone calls me Bods for two years - even teachers. Some of them anyway.

And lo, Bods has been in use ever since with people I know from sixth form, but also with many others. I used it when posting to various usenet groups. I also used it for my first website. When I finally realised that "The Amazing World of Andrew Bowden" was a crap name for a website, I used Planet Bods instead.

It's still going after all those years, although Jacko tends to introduce me as Andrew to others these days. But then I try to introduce him as Steven. But that doesn't seem right...

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