Other Wise Words.

And here it is - the stuff that doesn't fit anywhere else.

This One's For The Ladies.

In August 2003, Westwood was at the Notting Hill Carnival. Personally I missed it, but Steven Howlett was listening and filled us in with details of Westwood's party invite:

"What I must say to the mans and dems is the thing about the Westwood after party is the ladies."

Ah right. So is the music and everything else crap then? After a pause, Westwood laughs.

"There's the hot tunes and all that good stuff. But the thing about the Westwood after party, is the outa town ladies. So empty out your phone book from your mobile"

Apparantly the first 1000 ladies got in free. Whether they had to be single or not is another question.

Dark, Scary roads.

Also from August 2003 and also sent in by Steven Howlett, a remarkable insight into the minds of Westwood's crew.... On talking about driving to a set in the country, and in a very sincere voice, listeners were told...

"we were driving down dark roads, and some of the crew were scared, we ran over and kept going."

Westwood's crew being scared whilst driving down the road without street lights? Wazzup Westwo? No bling bling, ho ho when the street lights are a no show?

The Backside!

Andrew Greenwood was listening to Westwood in March 2001, when da man was coming like from New York. Westwood was interviewing some rapper no one has ever heard of...

yeah, yeah, straight outta New York baybee
Straight out the back door baybee
Straight out the backside. Fo real!

As Andrew put it... "What the f*** is he on?????

Ya Big Dog.

One phrase we've heard a lot from people emailing us, is "Ya big dog". Well you have to wonder what on earth that means, but there you go. We can only imagine that Tim likes dogs... Wonder if he has a roitweiler, labrador or poodle?

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