Mad Record Labels

A transcript from one of Tim's shows in 1998, Tim brings a valuable introduction into rap speek for those who wish to learn from the master.

Truly man, let's make it happen. Yo, that is a number one hit across the world. That's the real. It is what it is though. It's real. That's the way it's going down, with the Radio One rap show. Never seen 'Meth' as good as that. Right that's the way it's going. It's going to be up there. Yeh man, and also, yeh man. People is really feeling that, so that should be real flavour.

Okay. Lets keep it real man. Okay, this was the first time I'd seen LL in many years. It was ridiculous. Making it happen.
A man's religion is a man's religion. Know what I mean?
Respected man. Respected man. Ite en <Right Then>. So that's the way it's going down. Kick them to the curb man. We're gonna keep it real man.
You might have a good artist who is a little bit different or creative, then he gotta compete with those niggers who come with the roar and obvious roar. You can't make a brand new sound recording cos your competing with records that are obvious and there's so much out there and there's so many record companies pouring money into it.
Truly mad money into it.
And it's the most comprehensive market place there is at the moment. There's man records out there, mad... [Stumbles, not quite sure what to say next]... mad record labels.

So there you are.

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