Da Bomb!

Even better than the theme tune, is this little quote from Tim, from around September 2000. Andrew Roach who sent it in, described this as "quite possibly one of the funniest things I've ever heard":

"The bomb's about to go off, baby."

(TW then does an awful explosion sound effect with his mouth, like what 5 year olds do when playing soldiers)

Well you can imagine... It had me in stitches just reading about it! But on air...

Timmy's obviously a bit of a fan of making dreadful explosion sound effects. Johny B takes up the case:

"As a fellow TW 'fan' i have actually heard one of his rap albums. His intro is the funniest thing i've heard in a while!

"In his best 'gangsta rap' voice the Radio 1 DJ says 'UK understand whats about to go down, Westwood the Album. And we're goin to bang in your face with the hottest joints around, real hip hop, nothing but big things. now drop the bomb!' followed by a cheap explosion sound effect.

If you could possibly explain what any of this means I would be much obliged."

I'd be lying if I could actually translate Westwoodease, although it might well be worth learning this skill as I suspect the cultural historians of the future, will be scratching their heads with puzzlement when they find that MP3 of Westwood on their hard drive.

Still it's a firm fave with Westwood - his bombs are still going off!

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