Road Trip!

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the junction of the A33 and Town Quay
at Itchen Bridge
on Portsmouth Road (Junction with Station Road)
on Portsmouth Road (Junction with Botley Road.)

The above shows the jam cams from a trip from Southampton (I think) to Woolston, down the A3025. It shows the jam cams from that route - the map as shown on the BBC Southampton jam cams page.

Why Southampton? Why not. They were there.

This is a static demo of one fixed trip but with a simple amount of work that I never got round to doing (busy/lazy, take your pick), you could easily create a simple route planner app that uses any combination of JamCams - there's a full list on - and with a hit of a button, you could reverse the page so that you get the reverse journey (although you obviously can't turn the camera around!)

PDA, mobile, web? BBCi on cable (it can do cookies, dontcha know?) Nice flash app? Whatever. Concept is still the same - a series of static images shown somehow with a simple config thing, preferably involving maps. Hey, I might even get round to building one one day...

Not the most exciting/sexy/creative idea in the world, but hey... it was in my head ;)

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