The Presenters

Like most radio shows, both The Anti-Climax and Wake Up With Bods had huge teams of people working behind the scenes. Well okay, thats not quite true. Perhaps if there had been loads of dudes putting in the effort, the shows may have been better. But there wasn't and they weren't.

In fact there were just two people working on both shows. And neither of them would really like to admit to it...

Andrew Paul Bowden (aka Bods)

Cartoon drawing of Andrew Bowden.

At the age of five, Andrew was busy sat in front of a dodgy microphone, pressing 'record' on the tape deck, and pretending to be a presenter on the top (and completely fictitious) BBC Radio UK. Older and wiser, he developed an interest in writing, and contributed heavily for the sixth form college magazine, Hydra, whilst he studied for his A-Levels.

Whilst reading Maths at the University of Durham, Andrew joined student radio society, Purple FM and in January 1997, auditioned to be a news reader, in his first attempt to get on air.

For some reason, his boring, monotonous, droning voice was deemed not good enough to be a news reader which is of course why, in June 1997, he was an obvious choice for the job of DJ in the prestigious Sunday lunchtime slot of 12-2pm, just before Dr Love's Love Slot, for the stations broadcast in October 1997.

"For some reason, his boring, monotonous, droning voice was deemed not good enough to be a news reader."

A big money transfer in February 1998 saw Andrew move to the Friday Early Breakfast Show, 6am-8am - an attempt to boost the ratings. In this slot, Andrew played the vital role of Seat Warmerer for breakfast DJs Gareth and Ieuen Wier.

Andrew's love of radio is linked strongly to his love of music, which includes a large collection of CDs from a multitude of genres including big beat, dance, indie, alternative, world and folk.

After completely failing to get a job with any radio station at all, Andrew moved from university into the web industry and now works for a certain national broadcaster. Ironically he gets to work for an organisation with lots of radio stations, and yet manages to get a job that has little to do with them, being as he is, a HTML Developer.

Catherine Sarah Redfern

Cartoon drawing of Catherine Redfern.

Before entering the world of student radio, Catherine was editor of sixth form college magazine, Hydra, and was also a keen contributer, writing articles primarily about coffee.

During her time at Durham University however, Catherine was persuaded to join the team of the Anti-Climax as producer - a prestigious role which included the major roles of answering the phone and going out to the vending machine to purchase cans of a popular orange fizzy drink.

Catherine moved with Andrew to the Friday early breakfast slot, although spent most of it collapsed on chairs outside the studio, before helping to pack up at 8am.

"As well as her sleeping duties, Catherine also found time to answer the phone."

As well as her sleeping duties, Catherine also found time to answer the phone and look after amazing celebrity guests like Mancunian Rap DJ Legend, Eastwood, and that Madge woman from Neighbours. She also contributed lots of coughing into the microphone and laughing.

Catherine later attempted to switch roles, leaving Andrew as her producer for her folk and world music show in June 1999, which sadly never happened due to problems with the station license.

Catherine never attempted to get a job in the radio industry, but hopes one day to run a combined tea and second hand book shop.

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