Are You Too Stressed?


After years of research, we managed to work out a way to tell how stressed you are.

In just ten questions, we can tell if you are cool, calm and collected, or a rampaging beast and angst and fear.

You oversleep and get up late for work. Do you...

  1. Sigh and try to get out of the house as quickly as possible
  2. Stomp around the house, fail to find your keys and money and spend half an hour throwing things around in a rage.

You go into a coffee shop to purchase your pre-work morning coffee. What do you buy?

  1. A medium, skinny, decaff Latte
  2. A quadruple espresso, with double whipped cream and hazlenut syrup

At your desk, you finish your coffee. What do you do with the now empty takeaway coffee cup?

  1. Get up from your desk and place it gently in the nearby bin
  2. Scrunch the thing up into a little ball and fling it across the room to the wastebin

At work, you can't find your pen in order to write a note down. In order to get the note written, do you...

  1. Walk casually over to the stationary cupboard and get a new biro
  2. Throw all the paper on your desk around, screaming in a rage to anyone passing about those gits who constantly steal your stuff

In the middle of typing up an important report, the computer crashes wiping out your last half hours work. What is your response?

  1. Sigh, say "Tut, this wouldn't happen if we used Linux" and watch the computer reboot
  2. Hit the monitor, kick the computer and scream as you throw the keyboard out of the window

At work, your boss comes up to you five minutes before you are planning on going home, bringing a pile of extra work. He asks if you'd be able to do it tonight. Do you...

  1. Smile and say, "Of course!" and get on with it.
  2. Tell your boss to shove the extra work where the sun don't shine, and storm out of the building.

You finally leave the office and are walking down the street. A dozen tourists hog the whole pavement, all taking photos of a red telephone box. Do you...

  1. Wait patiently until their picture taking has finished.
  2. Barge through, tutting loudly and shout at them to get a life.

As you stand on the platform, the train pulls in. You can see a lone seat. Do you...

  1. Wait patiently and then stand in the aisle, waiting for another seat to become available.
  2. Push past all the people trying to get off, and sit on the seat triumphantly

You get home after work and discuss your day with your wife/partner/housemate. As you talk about it, do they...

  1. Sit, listen and discuss it with you
  2. Run out of the room as quickly as they can move, screaming as they go

When you to bed, what do you dream about?

  1. Fluffy bunnys and nice countryside scenes
  2. Machine guns and lots of ammunition

The Results

Using our amazing patented testing technique, we have scientifically determined that you, without a doubt, are...

Mostly A's


Methinks you really need to calm down dude. Put your feet up for a while and take it easy. Maybe even try one of our Stress Relief tips.

Mostly B's

Calm and Relaxed.

So then, what's your secret? We need to know!

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