Are you... a man or a woman?

A stylised man and woman.

After years of dedicated research, we are able to present the ultimate web based Gender Test available today.

By analysing the results of just ten simple questions, we are able to asertain with a high degree of acuracy, just what gender the respondent is.

Don't believe us? Well try it for yourself and see how accurate our results are!

Which colour do you prefer?

  1. Blue
  2. Pink

Which is better?

  1. Football
  2. Knitting

Where would you rather be?

  1. Next to a big towering monalithic monument, standing proud and erect
  2. In a cosy handmade hut with lots of soft furnishings

You see a cave. Do you...

  1. Charge our into the forest brandishing a spear, screaming loudly?
  2. Run into it, prepare a fire and start sweeping

Which subject would you rather read a magazine about?

  1. Military hardware
  2. Flower arranging

What would your ideal pet be?

  1. A large growling pitbull terrier
  2. A cute fluffy kitten

What do you prefer?

  1. Lacy womens underwear
  2. Lacy womens underwear

You are in a pub with your friends. What do you order?

  1. 16 pints of lager and a packet of peanuts
  2. A Babycham

Which career sounds more appealing?

  1. Wrestler
  2. Beautician

You are in a nightclub and decide to go to the toilet. Is the queue

  1. non existant
  2. 5 miles long

The Results!

Using our amazing patented testing technique, we have scientifically determined that you, without a doubt, are:

Mostly A's

Stylised picture of a man.
A Man

Mostly B's

Stylised picture of a woman.
A Woman

A Right Mixture of A's and B's

Stylised picture of a half man, half woman.
An Androdgynous Being

Either way...

We are also rather peturbed as, as a by-product of our research and testing, discovered that you most definatly VERY STRANGE for not actually know what gender you are in the first place, and that you actually NEED to consult a web based gender test, in order to find out!


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